Sale of oriental rugs for three generations.

Restoring your carpet in the heart of Paris.

The artisan Louis Lebas carpet :

Louis Lebas, craftmen for more than 35 years in the cleaning, conservation, restoration of carpets. Carpets Lebas is specialized in the restoration and cleaning of old, modern and Oriental carpets.

A showroom dedicated to the sale and restoration of carpets in Paris.
The Louis Lebas carpet workshop, located at 6, avenue Breteuil in the very 7th district of Paris, offers countless varieties of antique carpets from Asia Minor, Middle East and India.
Real specialist and technician of carpet restoration, L’Atelier du tapis Louis Lebas is unquestionably one of the strong references on the sale of carpets and carpet restoration in France and Europe.
Looking for perfection in our actions:
We are able to give back youth to your carpet, you will see your carpet in its original state. The cleaning-washing, the maintenance or the repair of your carpets are more and more solicited because a carpet is a true piece of collection. Many individuals are unaware of the value of their carpet and are often very poorly advised. You should know that carpets can reach heights of hundreds of millions of euros for some. So, it’s important to contact a recognized carpet professional and always think about it seriously before investing financial resources in these real art objects.

Restoration and repair of old carpets.

The Louis Lebas Carpet Workshop is a private professional carpet and tapestry restoration and carpet cleaning company.

Cleaning and taking care of modern and old carpets.

This washing process is intended only for mechanical or oriental carpets which present no risk of discoloration or brittleness. Regarding antique or precious carpets in wool or silk the work is different, it is executed entirely by hand.

Sale of carpets.

In our warehouse thousands of Iranian, Turkish or Chinese rugs are stored. The Louis Lebas Carpet Workshop has a private carpet collection that were created for more than half a century ago. With the purchase and sale of carpets this private collection has evolved over the decades.


The Atelier du Tapis Louis Lebas located in the 7th arrondissement of Paris expertise, buy or estimate your old carpet or damaged.

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A unique know-how transmitted for several generations.

The workshop is developing in France, Paris and the province, and recently there have been many restorations and sales of carpets since the Benelux. Thanks to its success and its recognition, The Louis Lebas Carpet Workshop is developing throughout Europe with an increasingly demanding clientele.
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