About us

An history of passion for the beauty of textile, transmitted from father to son.


- 35 years of experience in the carpet’s field -

L’Atelier du Tapis Louis Lebas

Louis Lebas carpet workshop

Craftsman Louis Lebas for more than 35 years in the cleaning, conservation and restoration of carpets. Carpets Lebas is specialized in the restoration and cleaning of old, modern and Oriental carpets.

For three generations, Tapis Lebas has been devoting its know-how to the restoration and cleaning of carpets. It is a love story with the beauty of the fabrics, transmitted from father to son, which will allow you to give a second youth to your carpets without distorting them.

Development of the Louis Lebas carpet workshop

The Louis Lebas carpet workshop develops its commercial activity and specializes in renovation on the Benelux market.
After more than 35 years of prospecting and consulting in the carpet world, the Louis Lebas Carpet Workshop develops its commercial activity in Belgium and Luxembourg.